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About Us

Established in 2015, GeeBee Properties is the brainchild of Husband and Wife team Richard & Deana Gibson-Brown.

Backed up with years of experience of interior design, property sales, and quality management, Richard and Deana bring a somewhat fresh and revolutionary approach to the sometimes tricky process of buying and selling property in the Costa Del Azahar.

We work for both buyer and seller to ensure that the entire process is as painless as possible, and while it is the seller that ultimately picks up our bill, we want to be able to look our buyers in the eye for years to come, you will find our after sales service to be second to none. There is no better indication of what we do than repeat business.

For sellers, we offer a maximum 4% commission on the final price, not the 5% or 6% that some agents charge on the list price. We have a sliding scale of commission based on what we feel your house should sell for, the higher the value, the smaller our percentage, but don’t worry if your house sells for less, we will not up our rate as a result. After all, if you have to drop your price, we should have to drop ours too!

For buyers, we have Spanish speaking staff who constantly search the area giving us access to a range of properties that may not normally appear on the websites of our competitors. We also have access to the very best property professionals that the area can offer, but if you use them is up to you.

One thing that you will not find with us, is pressure. We move at your pace, not at ours.